Not There ~ Miks Mitrevics + Honza Zamojski

A publication prepared specifically for Miks Mitrevics’ and Honza Zamojski’s exhibition >Not There<, held at LETO Gallery in Warsaw, comes as the first of a series of limited editions of the MORAVA Publishing House. The publication features fragments of works from the show: at the top there is a slide shot from Honza Zamojski’s projection, at the bottom one of the many photographs from Miks Mitrevics’ installation “Forgotten Moments”.
format: 680 x 480 mm
offset colour print
paper: Munken Print Cream 150, volumen 15
edition of 20 (+8AE)
prize: 40 Euro + shipping

All copies are numbered and signed by the authors.
© MORAVA 2010, Miks Mitrevics & Honza Zamojski

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