Jak jsem potkal dabla ~ Honza Zamojski

The book is a result of a trip to the Czech Republic, the author’s second homeland. The tragically deceased Czech writer Ota Pavel and his books become a fictitious guide in a country, which is so close yet remains unknown. “Chance”, Pavel’s and Zamojski’s bosom friend, helped discover the country, and the texts, archival records and photographs were gathered also through unexpected, unscheduled meetings. They ultimately made up a book whose value consists both in bearing witness to the journeying and in being beautiful and tangible artistic object. This is a book about places and their past; it talks about people and about blind chance. This is also a book about Ota Pavel’s madness and the pursuit of its sources. The book “Jak jsem potkal ďábla” is a fruit of the author’s scholarship in the Czech Republic in 2009, within the framework of the Visegrad Artist Residency Program.
Design: Honza Zamojski
Translation: Eva Zamojska, Marcin Turski, Honza Zamojski
Publisher: Galeria Miejska ARSENAŁ, Poznań
Co-publisher: MORAVA
ISBN: 978-83-61886-07-5
format: 190 x 130 mm, 272 p., offset printing
hard back + linen
paper: Munken Lynx 150 g
edition: 300
language: polish, czech
The publication is part-financed by the City of Poznań.
The publication published under the auspices of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Poland.
© 2010 MORAVA, Galeria Miejska ARSENAŁ, Honza Zamojski

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