Untitled (Woof) ~ AM2PŁ (Andreas Meinich 2 Piotr Łakomy)

The third publication of MORAVA Publishing House is “Untitled (Woof)” by Andreas Meinich from Norway and Piotr Łakomy from Poland. Meinich prepared digitally a background on which Łakomy made over ten recordings by means of classical tools such as oil paint, spray paint, industrial acrylic, and stencil. Their joint project stands in between a digital and analogue work. Between what can be seen on a computer display panel and what can be
A complete edition set in: .PDF
format: 475 x 615 mm
fullcolor offset print + mixed media
paper: Arctica 300 g
edition: 15 (+9AP)
price: 80 Euro + shipping

All copies are numbered and signed by authors.
© MORAVA 2011, Andreas Meinich, Piotr Łakomy

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