DUST SHOW ~ curated by Piotr Łakomy

>Dust Show< is a publication that sums up activities taking place in the space of the Amager Park in Copenhagen. The project, conceived by Piotr Łakomy, was extended over a longer period, with the works installed in September and October 2010. There were also works that did not make it to their destination, to the park by the sea. Dispersal – a characteristic feature of the project – was set in order in the publication >Dust Show<; it was here that all the artists and their works met. As in the case of an earlier book, >Dust Snow<, photographs documenting the show are accompanied by a text by Sebastian Cichocki, a curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.
Participants of Dust Snow included: Jesper Fabricius, Christopher L G Hill, Paweł Kowzan, Piotr Łakomy, Mads Lindberg, POSTER COMPANY (Max Pitegoff & Travess Smalley), Tomasz Saciłowski, TTC (Simon Højbo Hansen, Magnus Clausen, Emil Alsbo), and Honza Zamojski.

Text: Sebastian Cichocki
Photography: Katarzyna Bura, Piotr Łakomy, Honza Zamojski
Translation: Marcin Turski
Design: Honza Zamojski
ISBN: 978-83-926924-5-4
format: 285 x 222 mm, 44 p., offset print
soft cover
paper: Munken Lynx 130 g
color: Pantone 309U
edition: 100
language: english
prize: 12 EURO + shipping

Have been executed with the participation of the resources from the 2010-2011 grant programme of the Fundusz Promocji Twórczości, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
© 2011 MORAVA, Authors

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