The Climbing of Buildings, Fences and other Opportunities ~ Jeroen Jongeleen

“The Climbing of Buildings, Fences and other Opportunities” documents one of the projects which has for years been developed by Jeroen Jongeleen. A few dozen photographs, a great many of which have never been published before, make up a visual story about overcoming natural and architectural barriers, about courage and solitude, and about the joy of reaching ever new summits. Jeroen Jongeleen is equally enthusiastic when climbing trees at night and a few dozen metres’ smokestacks. He is most often by himself. Moreover, he makes pictures of himself in these situations. In the book, however, he is accompanied by a text by Peter Kazil, a Rotterdam-based theoretician and urban explorer.
Text: Petr Kazil (
Cover text: Harlan Levey (HLP / No New Enemies)
Photography: Jeroen Jongeleen, friends and passes-by
Design: Honza Zamojski
ISBN: 978–83–926924–1–6
format: 201 x 142 mm, 96 p., offset print
soft cover
paper: Munken Pure Rough 120 g
edition: 100
language: english
Have been executed with the participation of the resources from the 2010-2011 grant programme of the Fundusz Promocji Twórczości, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
© 2010 MORAVA, Jeroen Jongeleen

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