DUST SNOW ~ curated by Piotr Łakomy

The booklet “DUST SNOW” is a record of the Winter Sculpture Park project taking place on a winter’s day in Wilson Park, Poznań. Piotr Łakomy, who conceived the idea of DUST SNOW, defines it as follows: “Imagine a white cube which is a sculpture park, an open space of a park which is a white cube. DUST SNOW is a project without a budget and opening and closing dates. The ephemeral nature of DUST SNOW will make it turn to dust before the snow melts.”
The photos documenting the project are accompanied by a text written by Sebastian Cichocki.
DUST SNOW participants are: Daniel Keller/Nik Kosmas (Aids-3D), Honza Zamojski, Jakub Czyszczoń, Juliette Bonneviot, Katarzyna Bura, Magdalena Starska, Magnus Clausen, Peter Larsen, Piotr Łakomy, Samuel François.

Text: Sebastian Cichocki
Photography: Kamil Strudziński
Translation: Marcin Turski
Design: Honza Zamojski
ISBN: 978-83-926924-2-3
format: 285 x 222 mm, 32 p.
offset printing, soft back
paper: Arctic the Matt 150 g
colour: Pantone Reflex Blue
edition: 100
language: english
© 2010 MORAVA + authors

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