My Grandma's Recipes ~ David Horvitz

“My Grandma’s Recipes” is a collection of 35 recipes that artist David Horvitz’s grandmother has collected throughout her life. Born in Northern California to Japanese Immigrants, and having spent time in the Amache Internment Camp during the Second World War, Kay Maruyama’s (Horvitz’s grandmother) collection of recipes reflect the second and third generation culture of Japanese Americans living on the West Coast.
Most of the recipes come out of sharing, similar to how digital information today is shared. Some are clipped out of newspapers, others given by friends or family, and some typed or hand written by Horvitz’s grandmother. The recipes are stored in a small box inside of his grandmother’s kitchen, in Los Angeles, California, where she has lived most her life. Many of these recipes Horvitz remembers eating at family events and holidays.

Editing: David Horvitz, Honza Zamojski
Design: Honza Zamojski
ISBN: 978-83-926924-7-8
format: 135 x 90 x 22 mm, 35 loose sheets, offset printing, cardboard box
color: fullkolor + Pantone 185 (box)
edition: 200
language: english
prize: 8 EURO / 10 $+ shipping

This book has been executed with the participation of the resources from the 2010-2011 grant programme of the Fundusz Promocji Twórczości, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
2011 CC License: CC BY-NC-SA

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